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Policy Review



Aimed at those responsible for strategic decision making and leadership on areas of the business which may be affected by drugs, alcohol or addictions such as gambling, we provide a short health check or a full review of your policy documents to ensure they conform to modern requirements.  


This gives senior staff the reassurances and opportunities to discuss areas of concern.


CADAS At Work reviews policy documents away from site, prepares a report and delivers specific feedback alongside a brief training update on best practice.

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Suitable for MDs, Directors, Senior Health & Safety and HR Managers.


This briefing is specifically tailored to managers in your organisation.  Content includes;


  • Good practice in creating robust policies and procedures relating to drugs and alcohol, gambling and wellbeing.

  • A detailed look at your own policy documents reminding managers of key points and expected practice.

  • Health and Safety, compliance and risk aversion.

  • HR, handling addiction supportively v. dismissal.

  • HR Effective, not tokenistic Employee Assistance Programmes (EAP) which do not exclude people with dependencies.

Senior Management Briefing
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For staff who have an identified addiction or dependency and want to seek help.

We have options available to suit individuals and the needs/budgets of all sized organisations  - contact us for more information.

Once formally in partnership - we will 'fast track' your referral to CADAS professionals who will work with the employee on a mutually agreed support plan.  


The aim is to identify the reasons behind the addiction and thereby reduce the addictive behaviour, improve wellbeing and mental health. Any employee receiving support for a drug or alcohol dependency will also be supported to not fail any enhanced or random substance screening protocols which focuses our support very much on staff behaviours and the impact on work.


Typically, this support is delivered with a 1:1 one-hour confidential weekly session over 12 weeks.


It is best if the employee agrees to the support because they are genuinely motivated to change their behaviour.  

As the employer, it is valuable if you help them find the motivation, which could be linked to the fact they are involved with HR meetings and this is required in order to retain their job, or they may be motivated for personal reasons linked to wellbeing, health, finances or family.


Suitable for anyone wanting to make a positive change.

Staff Support Programme
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