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Cumbria Social Enterprise Award Winners 2023

Why CADAS @Work?

Why might you need CADAS At Work?

  • Mental health issues affect one in six people

  • Staff wellbeing is crucial to the success of any business and no employee is immune to these pressures.  

  • Dependencies and addictions such as drugs, alcohol and gambling can often be coping strategies linked to poor mental health.

  • Historically, employees experiencing unhealthy addictions would either be signed off on long term sick leave or made redundant. 

  • Attitudes are changing now, following new HR regulations, the on-going recruitment crisis and appreciation of the economic impact sickness, redundancy, and recruitment can have on a business’s finances.  

  • More employers are changing their thinking and establishing partnerships with different forms of occupational health support to ensure a happy, healthy workplace.  

  • Research shows supportive employers have higher retention rates and lower sickness levels

Impact on business

How does addiction impact YOUR business?

HR and compliance

Staff wellbeing is part of HR corporate responsibility and relates to many statutory and mandatory compliance regulations.

Financial implications

The impact on productivity due to substance use costs UK businesses billions of pounds through absenteeism and presenteeism and extensive HR costs managing disciplinary, dismissal and recruitment.

Dismissal and long-term sickness

The consequences for your whole workforce are wide ranging, from reduced productivity to increased stress for others covering the workload.

Recruitment and training

Replacing skilled staff creates a significant cost and time implication for your organisation. Alongside the national recruitment crisis, it is now critically important to retain your workforce.  


Damage to your company’s image impacts on your ability to attract the right staff, suppliers and customers.

1 Man drinking_edited_edited.png

CADAS is a charity which has been supporting residents of Cumbria with dependencies, addictions and mental wellbeing issues for over 40 years.


Its full name is Cumbria Addictions Advice & Solutions. For more information on our charitable activities, please CONTACT US .


We have a skilled, qualified team who deliver a wide range of support and interventions to businesses and individuals.  


Our aim is to help people who want to make lifestyle changes before their lives reach crisis point.  


We help businesses to support and retain their workforce, comply with regulations and maintain their credibility and reputation.


We work both virtually and face to face, ensuring we can provide support when and where it is needed.


CADAS At Work offers a suite of training and support packages which can be tailored to meet the needs of your business and employees, including bespoke support for employees struggling with an addiction or dependency who are at risk of jeopardising their employment.  All the services we offer are compatible with existing EAP provision.

How can CADAS At Work help YOU?


  • Policy health checks and full policy reviews

  • Drug and Alcohol Testing advice and signposting


  • Behavioural change coaching for staff with a dependency that affects their performance.


  • Senior management briefings

  • Addiction Champion training

  • Addictions Awareness training

  • Volatile Substance Use training

  • Train the Trainer


In addition to supporting your workplace with addictions/dependency specific services, we also have a broader range of training courses available, including:

  • Mental Health First Aid,

  • Safeguarding,

  • Suicide Awareness.  


All of our packages are tailored to your organisation’s needs and budget.


CADAS At Work is here to help you support and retain your valuable workforce, and ensure you maintain a productive, profitable, credible, and compliant business.


Would you like to check whether your business is complying with the various regulations about wellbeing at work?

Our simple self-completion form will help you decide.

Our Clients Say

“On average it costs £30k to replace an employee so it makes economical sense to help employees through their dependency.  


BAE have achieved this by providing a tailored plan of care through CADAS and so far, helped 52 employees.


We have a duty of care to keep our employees safe in work and by increasing our testing regime we can deter employees from putting themselves and others at risk in the workplace through substance misuse.”  

Ian Burns, SHE Director

Contact Us

Contact Us

If you would like some more information about our work, please contact Amanda Holliday:

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